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Our Mission: To bring the science of lymphology out of obscurity forever.

What We Offer: Introductory, Basic, or Complete Applied Lymphology Course with or without Certification as a Lymphologist. Research and Discoveries that are essential for the prevention, reversal, & elimination of every degenerative disease on earth!

The Art of Lymphasizing! Techniques for relaxing muscles and relieving pain naturally with bio-electric lymphatic effectuating techniques.

Techniques for Speed-healing an injury! How To Wash, Feed, Purify, and heal your vital organs with Bioelectric Lymphatic Techniques!

The Power Plants!

One To One Coaching with The Healers Protocol TM – The Prime Ecological Variables, and Lymphokinetics TM.

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Our Leadership in the Natural Healing Field:

Dr. C. Samuel West
Chemist & Lymphologist Founder of the IAL & Originator of Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology

Kimberly Kay W.
Certified Naturopath

Prof. Karl West, CL
Vital Physiologist and Current President

Dee Olsen
Certified Lymphologist, Registrant

A message from the Founder:

By visiting this site, you may learn about the life-saving medical research that was done between 1930 and 1963 at the Harvard Medical School by Dr. Cecil K. Drinker, the Tulane School of Medicine by Dr. H. S. Mayerson, and at the Mississippi School of Medicine by Dr. Arthur C Guyton. Because of this research, a new medical society was created called the I.S.L. (International Society of Lymphology).

The I.A.L. (International Academy of Lymphology), as it was founded and presided over by Dr. C. Samuel West, is now bringing this research to the world. This research reveals that everywhere you have blood vessels going through your body to get oxygen to your cells, you have lymphatic vessels going side by side.

The primary purpose of the lymphatic vessels is to remove the excess blood protein and water from the spaces around your cells so every organ and every part of your body can function properly, and your body will be free of pain, loss of energy, and disease.

The importance of this research: Now that we have learned how blood proteins cause pain, loss of energy, and disease, we can take steps to activate the lymphatic vessels to reverse the effects of excess blood proteins and water around the cells to eliminate pain, loss of energy, and disease. This research also can save thousands of lives, but only if people are educated on how to use it.

The goal of the Academy is to get this life-saving research into every home so people can know that it is possible to activate their lymphatic vessels to prevent and even heal every disease known to man. Our techniques can be implemented individually, at home, without drugs, surgery, or medication of any kind. Please listen to our audio presentations and study the illustrations on this site. If you call our toll free number a Certified Lymphologist will be there to answer any question you may have, or you may E-mail us.

Once you have had the chance to learn the value of this research, you will be allowed to voluntarily donate to help us get this research to the world and save thousands of lives. For your donation to help people learn how to protect life and relieve pain, we will send you all or part of the “Applied Lymphology Course” as a gift.

The “Applied Lymphology Course” consists of The Golden Seven Plus One, Introduction to The Science of Lymphology & The Art of Lymphasizing, A Modern Noah’s Ark, 5 Original Live-Lecture DVDs PLUS 1 Instructional DVD, 11 Audio CDs, Charts, One-To-One Coaching, an Instruction Manual, a 261 question open book exam to help you understand and implement what you learn and more…

Please help us spread the word to everyone we can. The IAL is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated solely to teaching people how to keep their bodies free from pain and disease as long as they live.

Sincerely, Dr. C. Samuel West DN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist

The Art of Lymphasizing,
& The Golden Seven Plus One

There has never been a scientific discovery that will have a greater effect on man than the new discovery concerning the blood proteins; albumin, globulin, and fibrinogens.

This scientific discovery is:

If the blood proteins cannot be removed from the spaces around the cells by the lymphatic system, they can cause our death within just a few hours. After learning of this original discovery in 1974, it took Dr. West another six years to learn about six other discoveries and write the one basic formula for life and death at the cell level. These seven golden discoveries and the basic formula are called, “The Golden Seven Plus One”. They reveal why and how trapped blood proteins around the cells produce the conditions that cause pain, loss of energy, viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies, heart disease, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, polio, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, all other crippling and killer diseases, and what man must do to prevent and if possible reverse these conditions.

We have now come to know that life and death are both a part of the bloodstream. The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells; but disobedience to the mental, nutritional, and physical laws of health will cause blood proteins and water to leave the bloodstream and become trapped around our cells. This will block circulation, upset the chemical balance in the cells, and produce the conditions that cause loss of energy, disease, and death.

These discoveries have opened up a new science called “The Art of Lymphasizing” which reveals what man must do mentally, nutritionally and physically to untrap the blood proteins and to keep them circulating in the body via the lymphatic system. For the first time in our recorded history, this new science teaches man what he must do to prevent – and if possible – reverse pain, loss of energy, and disease.

In 1993 over 140,000 men, women, and children were being killed by trapped blood proteins every month in the United States alone. That is the equivalent of the destruction (in lives) of two atomic bombs every month. There has never been such destruction of human life as is now taking place today as the result of the increased rate of trapped blood proteins in the bodies of men, women, and children.

Dr. C. Samuel West DN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist

Biography: Dr. C. Samuel West DN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist

Dr. West held two doctorates in the natural healing arts, yet he was first a chemist and a lymphologist. This was the combination that enabled him to understand the life and death processes at the cell level.

In 1967, he went back to college full time to become a doctor so he could teach people how to take care of themselves.

In 1969, he received his degree in Chemistry from Arizona State University.

In 1972, he obtained his Masters degree in Public School Administration from the University of Arizona.

By 1974, Dr. West obtained his first doctorate degree as a Naprapathic physician.

Teaching chemistry during the day, Dr. West established an afternoon and evening clinic where he treated patients at the Naprapathic Clinic of Mesa for two years.

In the early part of 1974, while teaching chemistry, he learned that the proteins that make up the blood stream – namely albumin, globulin and fibrinogen- can produce the conditions at the cell level that can cause death in just a few hours. This is the key to the life and death processes at the cell level.

By 1976, he discovered The Bio-Electric Gentle Bounce for Health and other bio-electric lymphasizing techniques, which enabled people to relieve pain, speed up the healing process, and reverse injury and disease. As a result of these discoveries, as early as 1976 Dr. West was invited to lecture in approximately two-hundred and sixty-five cities per year all over the United States and in Canada for seventeen years.

In October-November of 1979, he went to Italy to attend the Seventh International Conference of Lymphology. He was pleased to learn at this Congress that the International Society of Lymphology is composed of some of the greatest surgeons, doctors and scientists in the world. However, at this time, there were only about three hundred lymphologists in the entire world– about sixty-five in the United States. (This meant that there was only about one doctor per state in the United States who knew that there was a relationship between blood-proteins, lymphatics and death.) Also at the ISL Conference, he learned that this society was “not a pure medical society”, and that it embraced other professions as well.

He applied for membership, and on February 22, 1980, Dr. West was accepted as the 379th member of The International Society of Lymphology.

In February 1980, Dr. West obtained his second degree as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from The American University of Natural Therapeutics and Preventive Medicine in Mesa, Arizona. On February 9, 1980, he was certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board, Inc., in Tigard, Oregon.

Dr. West had truly dedicated his life to establishing a health education program to help people worldwide understand how to reverse injury, conquer disease, and live in peace.