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Speed Healing Testimonials

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1st person:

Sprained ankle healed in 5 minutes:

Keith McElhaney

I was playing softball and sprained my ankle sliding into home. I went to the hospital, and the doctor said to use crutches, so I did. The next day, I went to my friend’s house, and she said: “I can help you.” So I let her do it. She stopped the pain with this electrical field she created with her hands. Within 5 minutes, I walked out of the home on an ankle I could not touch before.

Baby’s hand hurt by door, pain relieved in seconds: Bessie Elivier: Roy Utah

The other day, I felt as if I should visit the nursery. When I got there, a baby was screaming in pain. Its hand had gotten caught in a door. I quickly began using the technique the way Dr. West had taught me. About a minute later, the baby suddenly stopped crying and soon played with the blocks, apparently oblivious to any former problem.

Severe back problem gone: Carolla Parkin, Provo Utah

I had a severe back problem last summer. I was limping around, dragging my left leg. After applying your method, I walked away, and I was well. I cannot believe it. It works!

Severe migraine for over 60 years: Norman C. Faringer; Mesa, AZ

I have suffered from severe migraine headaches for over 60 years. I had a headache for three days when I saw Dr. West. After he told me what to do, the headache was gone before I got home. I don’t know what it is to have a headache anymore. Thanks for making me my doctor.

Food allergies under control: Carl Pister; Apache Junction, AZ

I get severe headaches after eating certain foods. After studying Dr. West’s techniques, which I learned from the Home Study Course, I applied the principle of deep breathing and mentally directing the energy to my sinus problem. I no longer take any medication. Now, I follow the techniques until the sinuses are clear.

Sciatic pain of 30 years gone: Fern Merrill; Mesa, AZ

After doing your exercises today, the sciatic pain I had in my back for 30 years has gone. How wonderful!

Arthritis in both legs and allergies: Smokey Santillo; Nutritionist, Therapist

I had arthritis. Both legs were kept in casts to keep them straight. I also had 30 different allergies. After seeing the best specialist and spending hundreds of dollars on allergy shots and allopathic methods, my condition kept getting worse. I now have no allergies or arthritis. I cured myself. Within two years, I’ll be back competing in running and racquetball.

Finger cut off to the knuckle, no bleeding or pain: Burley Owen; Amarillo, TX

I cut off the end of the finger to the 1st knuckle. I grabbed it and held it tight as soon as it happened, remembering what I’d learned from the Home Study Course. I was afraid to let go when I got to the hospital for fear the blood would start squirting out. Although the end of the finger was cut off, there was no bleeding or pain when I released the pressure off the injured finger. The doctor and nurses were amazed that I had no discomfort.

Cysts in breasts disappeared: Deb Shephardson; Morgan Town, PA

I had cysts in both my breasts. My doctor, a Naturopath, told me it was a lymphatic condition. After three months of applying Dr. West’s techniques — suddenly, no more cysts in my breasts.

Had hypoglycemia, high triglycerides, & hypertension: Marie Nave, WA

I was a diagnosed Hypoglycemic. Had high triglycerides and hypertension. I was taking between 8 to 12 pills a day. I had a feeling of exhaustion and just was not interested in life, but went through the motions out of necessity. After one month of applying Dr. West’s techniques, I have a new desire to live and help others. My energy is almost frightening at times. My blood pressure at this time is 120/85. I feel great, have no allergy problems, and do not suffer from any symptoms of hypoglycemia. I am loosing inches very fast and to date have lost 11 lbs. The pain in my back is gone. Also I could not cross my legs before.

Immediate relief from two-month injury: Beverly Shurig – Mesa, Arizona

Dr. Corwin West,
I was in an accident in which I ran into a telephone pole. For a couple of months, I had pain in my right side that was tingling and feeling fuzzy. I went to two different doctors within three days, and they just wanted to give me some pills pain pills.

It was frustrating to me that they weren’t dealing with the cause of my problem. So, when I heard about Dr. West being in town, I decided to try out his technique. He showed in just a few brief minutes some exercises and stroking methods to relieve the pain in my lower back and neck I felt immediate relief (by using the techniques taught in the video tapes). Within a week, I was as active as before and experiencing no pain. Thank you for your help in helping me, Bev

No more seizures or listlessness: Ben Andrews – Chattanooga, Tenn.

Dear Dr. West,
I hope to have you back soon. A mans 21-year-old retarded daughter who was listless the past 4-5 years, not reading, writing, washing dishes, etc.. — just throwing 2-3 seizures a day. After two weeks (using the techniques taught in the video tapes) he called the other day to say she was not only doing all those things and more, but asking to go back to school. Neither did she have another single seizure except two the first day she started on it. So your ministry is bearing great fruit. Keep up the good work.

Chiropractor gets alignment lessons: Theodore Jodar D.C. – Edmonds, WA

Dear Dr. West:
It has been some time since I have had the pleasure of taking your course in Seattle last fall in fact. Have wanted to write you sooner, but you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. What I wanted to mention specifically was this: I am a 73 year old retired chiropractor who looks askance at every health method that comes along. My wife wanted to take your workshop after hearing the lecture., and I agreed that it would be fine. Well, she made me do likewise, and I am very glad that I did. She volunteered when you asked for women to come up on the stage for demonstration purposes, and what we saw I know could be done with foot reflexology, only in a more extended period of time. This sold me on the idea of presenting my body when you called for people with a short leg to come up.

You know as well as I do that the only people with the one real short leg are those who are actually crippled. All other cases of short legs is due to spinal trouble: a tilted pelvis, muscular distortion, etc. With the simple little pressure that you asked to put on one of the pressure points that you named, and at the same time stroking neck muscles my “short leg” immediately lengthened out to the point where the others in the class to see it happen, and I could notice it when I went back to my seat. Most remarkable was that the pain in my lumbar region was gone! And to think for years I had worked and on pelvic bones to ease pain in my patients and bring the legs to equal normal length!